Being a good spouse
As time passes by, definitions change and axioms assume new meanings. If in the 1950s being a good spouse meant being a good housewife... >>
Love's labour is never lost
My husband is an engineer by profession, I love him for his steady nature, and I love the warm feeling when I lean against his broad shoulders... >>
The Villain in a Marriage
Love is demanding and when a partner fails to fulfill the other’s needs, anger takes root. Anger, the main villain in a lasting relationship, needs to be dealt with... >>
That Right Person
Finding the right person is very hard and very is best to be the right person for the one you love and start from'll always end up... >>
Mind that Marriage

According to research, people in conflict-ridden marriage are thirty five percent more likely to develop physical illnesses. Here’s more on what makes and breaks... >>

Lay off, Ma!
Not so long ago, a damaad (son-in-law) was treated as a king especially in traditional Indian families. The concept, how ever, seems to be outdated today where has... >>
A close affair
The emotional infidelity virus is insidiously causing rifts in today's relationships. It’s possible to contain its spread... >>
'I stopped eating at home, worried she might try to poison me’
A man’s voice is often muted after the break-up of marriage, with the woman being projected as a... >>
Thrills for togetherness
Increasingly, counsellors are recommending thrill therapy to heal estranged and broken relationships. Believe it or not, climbing a steep mountain range is not just... >>
All you need is motivation
The troubles of life can be overcome by a little bit of motivation from surroundings around you. Life is full of ups and downs, good days and bad days... >>
Till kids do us part
Are children the beginning of cracks in marriage? They loved each other, they had now settled in matrimony, and so far Deepti, 26, and Vikas, 28, the next step... >>
When understanding FAILS
I always thought I knew him so well. Was wrong? Or was it that things weren’t just right? A story of love gone sour ... >>
Signs of trouble in your marriage
Read on to find whether your relationship is headed towards divorce. Marriages are made in heaven! It might be a little hard to believe this statement... >>
Sizing up the opposite sex
Here’s what men and women notice about each other when their eyes first meet No one has understood why women spend so much time dressing up... >>
Does a bad marriage really affect your child?
Though arguing in front of your child is certainly not warranted, his behaviour could be adversely affected because of his gene... >>
Is respect such a fragile thing?
It is so easy to lose the aspect we build most relationships on? It would seem so. It’s a scary thought. But, sometimes just a word, a sentence spoken... >>
Friends and lovers
Learn to be a friend first and a spouse or a partner after that. Work on the friendship to create healthy marriage... >>
Love all
WHY DO we believe that there is one special person out there for each of us who is our true soulmate? Why do we feel that when we meet that one special person... >>
No right time to say goodbye
How anybody reacts to a break really depends on the ways a relationship snaps-gradual drifting apart or a sudden end... >>
In-law blues?
The relationship between my husband and her mother-in-law is ruining our marriage, says Jyoti. One must always remember that when you marry, it's a... >>
Remarriage after divorce
Divorce is a painful experience. It leaves some unwanted memories and people who had gone through divorce usually become cautious when they want to... >>

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